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Addie Joss: King of the Pitchers, a biography of baseball pitcher Joss in 1999. Longert has a genuine interest in Cleveland and Ohio history, but nothing has been more engaging to research nor more fun to write than the baseball player biography.  The book is a detailed study of the life of one of baseball's greatest pitchers. Joss was born in the tiny village of Woodland, Wisconsin in 1880. His family later moved to Juneau, Wisconsin where Addie played baseball for the local high school. There are many Indians' lives Longert would like to chronicle, but he felt compelled to tell the astonishing career and tragic death of Addie Joss first.

​ Several years after the Joss book, Longert began extensive research into the pennant winning 1920 Cleveland Indians. He found an amazing story of a diverse bunch of ballplayers; a doctor, a former cowboy, several coal miners and a college student. One of the players fought overseas in World War I. Through old newspaper clippings, letters and recollections from family members a story came to be. One of the most interesting characters was the owner of the team, James C. Dunn. Born to a large Irish family that emigrated to the United States, Dunn worked his way up from a messenger to a bank clerk to a contractor and then to the owner of the Cleveland Indians. He had a highly positive approach which earned him the nickname "Sunny Jim." He took a team that had finished next to last and put them in position to win a pennant and the first World Series in Cleveland baseball history.

The Best They Could Be: How the Cleveland Indians Became the Kings of Baseball
1916 - 1920.  Published April 2013 by Potomac Books. The story of a team that overcame great adversity to win their first pennant and 1920 World Series.  Learn more about how the team arrived at their goal and how they were built.  You can read about the famous League Park in Cleveland and about the players including Ray Chapman, Larry Gardner, Tris Speaker, Joe Wood, and more! To order your copy please click on the Buy The Book Tab.
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