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Home Runs are Here!

by scott longert on 05/04/18

I attended the Wednesday afternoon game against the Texas Rangers. I expected Corey Kluber to pitch well but did not anticipate to see the barrage of home runs. I have been to a lot of Indians games over the years and I have never seen one batter hit three home runs. Sure the wind was blowing out, yet the balls hit by Encarnacion would have gone out on any day. It was fun to the see the parrot circle the bases three times in one afternoon.  
Kluber did pitch well although the Rangers hit three homers of their own off him. Joey Gallo really smacked one late in the game.
The next day the Indians slowed down on the homers, but still scored eleven in the first game of the double header then eleven more in game two. The only down side is the poor relief pitching in both games. It goes to show how valuable Andrew Miller is and how much they miss him, even for ten days. It is only the first week of May, still the Indians have had to go to Columbus and call up Ben Taylor and Evan Marshall. With Nick Goody on the DL for at least another ten days, the starters need to pile up the innings for a while.
It is a relief to see Lindor, Kipnis and Ramirez get hot at about the same time. The top of the order is beginning to carry the offense as it should. Michael Brantley has been hitting extremely well while Yan Gomes is off to a good start. This may be the year where the offense carries the Tribe to the post-season, more so than the pitching.

What a Turnaround!

by scott longert on 04/13/18

Thanks to the Tigers and Royals for permitting the Indians to right themselves and start an early season winning streak. The starting pitching has been excellent, particularly Kluber and Carrasco. Bauer has been good as well as Clevinger resulting in five straight wins and counting.
The hitting has been poor until the explosion Thursday night with the nine runs and fifteen hits. I am encouraged by Bradley Zimmer homering and going three for four the other night. As long as they can stay away from the injuries (Lonnie Chisenhall) they should be just fine.
Good to see the Pirates and Mets off to fast starts. The Nationals may have some competition after all.
Thanks to everybody who came to see me at the Mentor Library. I had a fun  time and enjoyed talking with Indians fans. I hope to return there when the new book arrives in the fall.

The Season Begins

by scott longert on 03/30/18

We got the good and bad from the Indians last night. Corey Kluber pitched his usual excellent game while he got no support from the offense. He made one bad pitch to Nelson Cruz and that was the ball game, 2-1.
I believe the Indians will hit just fine this year and Kluber will win his share of games. It is way too early to make any judgements on who will hit and who will not.
Yesterday Giancarlo Stanton started to earn his mega millions by hitting two home runs for the Yankees. It is going to be fun to watch New York and see how many home runs will be flying out of the park. I have a feeling a few records are going to be set.
Right now the Indians home opener is set to be played with a forecast of 37 degrees for the day. It appears to be a winter coat day once again for the Cleveland fans. It reminds me of a fan comment from the late 1930's when the opening day temperatures were below freezing. He got to his seat, stood up and said loudly, "What time is the kick-off?" Good luck to everybody at the game!

The Wait Continues

by scott longert on 01/09/18

I have been watching for the Indians to sign a free agent or two and or make a significant trade. The only move so far was the free agent signing of first baseman Yonder Alonso. My first reaction was why not Logan Morrison or Matt Adams? Alonso had a great power year in 2017, but I am concerned he has hit 20 homers or better only once. The other guys have a better track record but the Indians chose Alonso. We shall see.

There is still a lot of time for a trade before spring training. The Tribe could use another big bat and several relief pitchers. I don't want them to go into the season with no additions to the current roster. I know they invited a number of pitchers to camp and Either Tomlin or Clevenger could be moved to the bullpen however they are somewhat thin as it stands. 

I worry a key injury to Brantley, Kipnis or Chisenhall could really set them back, particularly in the outfield. We still don't know how well Bradley Zimmer is going to hit for a full season or what can be expected of Brandon Guyer. I hope the Indians do trade for a veteran corner outfielder that can supply some production. 

It is still early January yet I am totally ready for spring training to start. I have already begun playing my Strat-O-Matic baseball game though only exhibitions for now. Kluber is really piling up the strikeouts!

Coming and Going

by scott longert on 11/13/17

Free agency is just about here and the Indians have some major decisions to make. The Tribe has Brian Shaw, Jay Bruce and Carlos Santana on the market. It is no secret they will lose one or possibly two, hopefully not all three.

I know Jay Bruce wants big money, but the Indians should do whatever they have to get him signed. The outfield has been done by committee for too long. They need a stable outfield with at least two full-time players out there. Having Bruce in right and Bradley Zimmer in center would be the best option. The Indians can platoon in left field all they want but stability is the key.

I know the money is way too much but I would like to see  J.D. Martinez here or Eric Hosmer. Either one of these guys would bring all the offense the team is lacking in getting back to another World Series. If both Santana and Bruce leave, that will make available some extra dollars to spend. I know I am dreaming a bit, but why not?

My new book has been sent off to my publisher. I believe it is the best of my trilogy of Indians baseball from the 1920 World Series up to World War II. It is about the beginning of night baseball in Cleveland, the emergence of a young Bob Feller and one of the most controversial events in baseball history, the Cry Babies of 1940.

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