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What a Turnaround!

by scott longert on 04/13/18

Thanks to the Tigers and Royals for permitting the Indians to right themselves and start an early season winning streak. The starting pitching has been excellent, particularly Kluber and Carrasco. Bauer has been good as well as Clevinger resulting in five straight wins and counting.
The hitting has been poor until the explosion Thursday night with the nine runs and fifteen hits. I am encouraged by Bradley Zimmer homering and going three for four the other night. As long as they can stay away from the injuries (Lonnie Chisenhall) they should be just fine.
Good to see the Pirates and Mets off to fast starts. The Nationals may have some competition after all.
Thanks to everybody who came to see me at the Mentor Library. I had a fun  time and enjoyed talking with Indians fans. I hope to return there when the new book arrives in the fall.

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