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Pre-Spring Training

by scott longert on 01/30/19

The Indians will soon be reporting to Arizona with a lot of new faces. The starting pitching looks to be intact but the bullpen has seen a number of changes. How good the team is going to be remains a matter of speculation.

The big question is the outfield. Who is going to start and will anybody hit with some power? There is speed and athleticism among the candidates but how will they make up for Michael Brantley? There may be quite a bit of shuffling the lineup until they find the right combination.

The starting pitching is still the Indians main strength. They will all need to have good years if the team is going anywhere in the post season. Although the Twins have added some pop to the lineup, I think the Indians will win the division again, but beyond that I don't know. How do they get by the Yankees, Red Sox and Astros? Hopefully a mid-season trade or two will be the answer.

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