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Home Runs are Here!

by scott longert on 05/04/18

I attended the Wednesday afternoon game against the Texas Rangers. I expected Corey Kluber to pitch well but did not anticipate to see the barrage of home runs. I have been to a lot of Indians games over the years and I have never seen one batter hit three home runs. Sure the wind was blowing out, yet the balls hit by Encarnacion would have gone out on any day. It was fun to the see the parrot circle the bases three times in one afternoon.  
Kluber did pitch well although the Rangers hit three homers of their own off him. Joey Gallo really smacked one late in the game.
The next day the Indians slowed down on the homers, but still scored eleven in the first game of the double header then eleven more in game two. The only down side is the poor relief pitching in both games. It goes to show how valuable Andrew Miller is and how much they miss him, even for ten days. It is only the first week of May, still the Indians have had to go to Columbus and call up Ben Taylor and Evan Marshall. With Nick Goody on the DL for at least another ten days, the starters need to pile up the innings for a while.
It is a relief to see Lindor, Kipnis and Ramirez get hot at about the same time. The top of the order is beginning to carry the offense as it should. Michael Brantley has been hitting extremely well while Yan Gomes is off to a good start. This may be the year where the offense carries the Tribe to the post-season, more so than the pitching.

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