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Scott Longert: Baseball Author and Historian

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Cleveland Indians
And How Their 1920 Team Was Built
Welcome to the website of author Scott H. Longert. 

My first book Addie Joss: King of the Pitchers was published in 1999. It is the biography of one of the greatest pitchers in the history of professional baseball. My book details the short life of pitcher Addie Joss as he rises to the major league and enjoys a brief, astonishing career with the Indians before contracting tubercular meningitis at the age of 31 on the eve of his tenth season in the major leagues. Outstanding baseball pitcher Joss once won 24 games in a row and threw a perfect game in 1908 against the White Sox. Due to his playing only nine years, he was ineligible for consideration to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

My current book, The Best They Could Be: The Cleveland Indians
1916-1920, was published by Potomac Books in April of 2013. It is the story of a baseball team that overcame great adversity to win a World Series in 1920. You can read all about baseball and how it was when teams traveled by train and ballplayers needed off season jobs to support their wives and children. Also learn more about the iconic League Park in Cleveland and the tragic death of shortstop Ray Chapman. The story includes profiles of Tris Speaker, Stan Covelski, Steve O'Neill and Elmer Smith, the man who hit the first grand slam in World Series history.

Scott is pleased to announce that he has written a new book on the Cleveland Indians and the Great Depression! The book will be published by the Ohio University Press. There will be chapters on the ownership change, Municipal Stadium and the debut of Bob Feller. Players including Mel Harder, Earl Averill, and Hal Trosky are profiled as well. 

Scott has turned in the final manuscript for the new book. There will be some editing as he has no doubt left a few typos on the pages. The length will be about 270 pages along with some great photos. If you have any interest in Baseball of the 1930's this book is for you!

 Scott wants to thank everybody who came out to the Bay Village and Lyndhurst libraries to see him speak. There was some great conversation on baseball both past and present. Scott is now focusing all his attention on the new book. Look for him to be back on the road in the spring.

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